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              BASIN SERIES

              • Art basin series

                • Pure white classic
                • Fashionable and versatile
                • Show your dignity

                Italy has been committed to high-quality bathroom accessories, the use of Italy's profound design philosophy, rich in culture and elegant modern sense of personalized bathroom space to develop solutions, with modern touch to create the best works.

              • Basin series

                • Antibacterial and easy to clean
                • Wear resistant and not easy to crack
                • Healthy material without pollution

                Angular creative design, unique diamond cutting line, break the stereotype


                ITALY STYLE

              • Cupboard series

                • Thin edge high temperature ceramics
                • All in one, solid and durable
                • High pressure grouting, high temperature firing

                Smooth and mellow, pure and mature, like the embrace of love, full of relaxed, warm and sweet




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